Test Query and Validate Query Buttons

Employing the Validate Query and Test Query Buttons on new or modified jobs ensures the seamless transfer of data to File Storage/Aunsight. When processing a job for data transfer from the client source to its destination/Aunsight, three crucial steps are involved. Firstly, the job will undergo query validation on the client side, leveraging client resources. Subsequently, the job's data will be streamed from the client's database to AuGR storage using both client resources AND AU resources. Finally, upon successful validation and testing, the data will be transferred to its designated file storage location using ONLY AU resources.

By proactively validating and testing the query before initiating the job processing, users can expect a significantly smoother experience, minimizing potential disruptions and optimizing efficiency throughout the data transfer process.

Note: Neither the Test Query nor Validate Query buttons will function if there is an active client blackout window set on the client AuGR Agent.

Validate Query Button

The Validate Query button will run the job on the client database using client resources. Using the validate button will check the validity of the SQL query and it will check to make sure the client database can run the query, it will NOT check if client resources will run the query and stream all the data for delivery, in a reasonable amount of time.


Test Query Button

The Test Query button will pull the job into AuGR and check for duplicates based on the assigned primary key. It is not recommended that users process a job with identified duplicates. In the instance of duplicates users should either select a different primary key or modify the logic of their query.

Test Query WILL check if client resources run the query and stream all the data for delivery, in a reasonable amount of time. Repeat Test Query if logic or primary key are modified before proceeding.