May 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is pleased to announce the May 2023 release to our clients.

Aunsight Golden Record

AuGR Agent Updates

  • Version Tracking: Once an agent is connected within the UI, you will now be able to identify the latest version of the agent and identify if it differs from the most recent available version. If the latest version differs from the most recent available version, it will be indicated with 2 informational boxes, “Version” and “Latest Version”. If the agent is current, there will be one version identified. This will help to ensure that users are using the latest version of the Agent.
  • Agent Management Tool: In the Agent Management Tool, users will now see the current and latest agent version displayed for each agent. This will enable you to easily manage and update your Agents.
  • Updating Agents: Users will now be able to update agents in the UI and no longer need to enable and disable Auto-Update manually. Once the agent is connected and if updates are available an orange “update” button will be available in the UI. Once updated, the button will be green and read “updated.” This feature makes updating your agents a more seamless process.

Updating Agents

  • Users will also be able to configure the agent to auto-update during a clean shutdown of that agent. In the event of an agent crash the agent will not auto- update.

Configure Agent

Small Feature Enhancements

  • A pause function and the ability to configure agent blackout windows are available to give users the ability to prevent the agent from running against source systems during certain times of day.

Blackout Windows

Bug Fixes

Description Client Request ID
Hidden Attribute by Role Feature Issue T20230216.0494