June 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is pleased to announce the June 2023 release to our clients.

Aunsight Golden Record

Entity Relationships for Plugins

  • Automatic Entity Discovery: Users can now utilize automated entity recognition to automatically identify entities within your schema. This process analyzes the underlying data structure, content, and relationships, allowing you to gain insights into the entities present in your source system.

  • Oracle .NET Integration: This release focuses on extending the Discover API endpoints specifically for Oracle .NET developers. You can now seamlessly integrate the automatic discovery of related entities within your Oracle .NET applications.

  • An output of the following columns will return when using the Discover Related Entities button; SOURCE_TABLE_SCHEMA SOURCE_TABLE_NAME SOURCE_COLUMN FOREIGN_TABLE_SCHEMA FOREIGN_TABLE_NAME FOREIGN_COLUMN RELATIONSHIP_NAME

Small Feature Enhancements

  • File Reader Plugin now returns the following information upon discovery:
    • Root Path Names
    • File Names
    • File Types
    • File Size

This enhancement enables more efficient development during the data acquisition process by offering more visibility to the directory.

  • A header level “Purge All Data” option has been added when previewing or publishing a domain (if a user has the appropriate role to edit Golden Records).
  • Error messaging for Transactional Workflows (TXWFs) has been updated to display error information when an export error is generated from the destination of the TXWF. The error message will populate within the “Export Status” column. This allows for the end user to make any necessary adjustments to their TXWF Destination Configuration to permit regular processing of data.
  • As a tenant administrator, the ability is now implemented to delete any pending and/or failed writebacks as well as retry any pending writebacks directly from the UI. This enables tenant admins to unblock writeback queues without the need to engage Support.
  • Users are now easily able to navigate to AuGR’s existing Plugin Documentation from the Plugin screen. This will assist users by providing them direct access to relevant documentation so they can configure their plugins correctly and per best practice.

Bug Fixes

Description Client Request ID
Unable to Download Data Dictionary T20230517.0233
Realtime Sync T20230511.0037