Installing a Data Quality (DQ) Sync Client

This page walks through the process for installing the Sync Client service for the Aunsight Golden Record Data Quality Module.

  • Network requirements for the DQ Sync Client
  • Steps to download and run the DQ Sync Client
  • Common trouble shooting scenario

Networking Prerequisites

The following set of URLs need to be accessible from the Sync Client installation location.

Example Wildcard


Example Explicit Hostnames


These are all examples for * Your actual hostname may differ.


Protocol Port
WSS 443


Step 1: Download the Sync Client from this link.

Step 2: Unblock the zip file by going into the properties.

Step 3: Extract the zip file.

Step 4: Run the NaveegoSyncSetup.exe.

Step 5: (Optional) If an error is encountered in step 4, then run NaveegoSyncSetup.msi. This will not produce any messages on completion.

Step 6: (Optional) Go to Services and alter the logged on user for the NaveegoSync service.

Step 7: Create a client.json using the example below and place it at C:\ProgramData\Naveego\Sync.

  "authToken": "[REPLACE WITH TOKEN]",
  "client": {
    "id": "[REPLACE WITH GUID]",
    "name": "[REPLACE WITH NAME]",
    "status": "deploying",
    "host": "",
    "installDate": "2022-11-28T18:56:58.0824276+00:00",
    "repository": "[REPLACE WITH TENANT ID]",
    "version": "3.7.2",
    "timeZone": "America/New_York"

Step 8: Restart the Naveego Sync service.

Trouble Shooting

TLS Mismatch

A TLS mismatch happens if you need to force strong cryptography on the application server.

Help Article

Step 1: Open registry editor.

Step 2: Add the below keys to the registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00