April 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is pleased to announce the April 2023 release to our clients.

Aunsight Golden Record

Small Feature Enhancements

  • The Domain cloning functionality has been updated to remove the ability to clone an empty Domain – a domain with no Connections, no Golden Records, and no Transactional Workflows.
  • The Discovered Schema functionality now has the functionality to View Sample.
  • When viewing a Golden Record on the “Browse the Data” screen compare tab when vertical alignment enabled, the input headers will remain visible when scrolling down.
  • Switching from Unified MDM backend to Legacy MDM backend is no longer possible once Unified MDM backend has been enabled. This will ensure that all new Golden Records are generated using the currently supported Unified MDM backend.

Bug Fixes

Description Client Request ID
Update to the MySQL, Amazon Aurora, & MariaDB to not escape wrapping quotes when \ is found in the field value from the source. T20230124.0225
Update to resolve ‘Log’ button from not making logs available for some Agents via the UI. T20230221.0191