HupSpot Plugin

Configuring HubSpot Plugin Connection

Log into the appropriate AuGR Tenant.

Navigate to the "Configure" tab located in the left-hand menu bar to access the list of domains. Once in the correct domain users can add a new connection by clicking “add connection” or update an existing connection by selecting the established connection from the available list.

Choose Plugin

Whether selecting new connection or updating an existing connection the Configure connection window will appear. Click “CONNECT TO OAUTH”.


Once connected to OAUTH a window will appear allowing users to sign in to the existing client HubSpot account. OAUTH creds from client.

Note: HubSpot accounts are not supported by Aunalytics. Clients should provide their HubSpot credentials for setup. Partner with Client Success to obtain.


Configuring Golden Record Output

Once connected to HubSpot, users can configure the Golden Record output and assign a Membership list writeback endpoint.

Users can Add/Edit the Output.

Add Output

Select Add Custom Schema from the Schema dropdown.

Custom Schema

Once Custom Schema has been selected the Configure button will appear.


Once Configure is clicked a Write Configuration window will open. Select “Memberships” from the Endpoint dropdown.

Write Configuration

Once Memberships is selected, a dropdown of the accessible target membership lists from Hubspot will be available. Select appropriate Membership list and click done.

target membership

Don’t have a list? See the Creating a list in HubSpot section of this user guide.

If you do not create your list in HubSpot prior to the above list selection step and navigate to HubSpot to create your list you will need to exit and rediscover in order to see your newly created list from HubSpot.

Mapping the Golden Record Output

Navigate to the mapping tab in the appropriate Golden Record.

Click on Auto Map

Auto Map

Click Apply Mappings on the popout window.

Apply Mappings

Once apply mappings has finished processing users can navigate to the outputs tab.

outputs tab

Users can choose to Auto Map the output or manually map.

Auto Map - should map the output Record ID to the appropriate input property. Manual Map -Drop down the available output carrot to expose the Record ID property and click and drag the Record ID Output to the Record ID Input listed.

mapping options

Once the mapping is completed users will need to add a match step. Navigate to the Matching tab for the Golden Record and click Add Step.

Match Step

Select the appropriate input property from the properties section dropdown that is mapped to the Record ID in the previous step. Most common use cases will utilize Exact Match.

input property

Once your match step has been saved you can schedule your output. Select Always.


Publish your changes.

Creating a list in HubSpot

Once signed into HubSpot navigate to create a list.

Select the appropriate list type from the left-hand menu. Contact-Based, Company-Based, or Deal-based.

list type

Name your list in the required list name field and add a description.

list name

Under “What kind of list are you creating” select the Static List radial button. Please note that the HubSpot output writeback functionality cannot add membership to an “Active List”.

list name

Click next.


Click Save list.