OData Feed Connection

OData feeds can be leveraged by Data Quality module users who have appropriate permission to pull AuGR Data Quality module data into third party reporting tools. This page steps through the key information needed to make a successful OData Feed connection.

Step 1: Connect to Data Source

When establishing a connection to the source data, select OData source type.

When prompted, enter the following URL: https://[Tenant ID].augr.aunsight.com/odata/v4/dataquality, where the [Tenant ID] should be replaced with the Tenant ID for which you wish to obtain Data Quality data. Tenant ID should contain no spaces.

OData Feed Source

Step 2: Enter Login Information

Enter the username and password for a user account with an OData Viewer role in Aunsight Golden Record. Select the full URL when selecting the level to apply settings.

OData User Info


Email Aunalytics Support to grant the new user access to OData. Include the following in the request:

  • Indicate it is an OData user request
  • New user’s first & last name
  • New user’s email address
  • Tenant name for OData access

The new user will receive a secure email with their login information.

Step 3: Select Data to Query

Select the desired table from the available list and load the data.

OData Table List

Once the data loads, begin working with it as needed.