The Aunsight Golden Record (AuGR) Platform

Aunsight Golden Record (AuGR) platform uses industry connectors to acquire data from various sources. The data is cleansed, matched, and merged into a Golden Record for a single source of truth. The Golden Record can be replicated into data lakes, data warehouses, dashboards, reporting applications, and even back into the source system. AuGR encompasses Master Data Management and Transactional Workflows.

How it works?

Using an installed AuGR Agent and a data source appropriate plugin, a secure connection is made to transfer data from the client’s network to AuGR. Within AuGR, a Domain is built to specify what actions should be done to the ingested data – whether it be to create a Golden Record that has brought multiple data sources together with matching and merging rules or to move data to another bulk-data movement friendly destination via a Transactional Workflow. Continue to learn more about each of these key elements of the full AuGR suite.


An Agent is a lightweight software application that facilitates secure communication between your data sources and the AuGR platform. For an on-premise data source, the Agent must be running on the same network where the desired data source resides.


All AuGR platform instances come with an out-of-the-box Cloud Agent, allowing you to connect to any cloud-hosted data sources without the need to install an Agent.


A Plugin is a software component executed by the Agent for a specific type of data source. The plugin knows how to communicate with the data source and allows for quick and easy integration between your data sources and the AuGR platform. As an example, if your data resides on a Microsoft SQL server, you will leverage the MS SQL plugin.


A Connection is a combination of a client data source, the appropriate plugin for the data source, and an Agent. The Connection is a configuration in the AuGR interface that provides all necessary information for the AuGR platform to establish a link to a data source, to either ingest data or send data from the AuGR platform to a specific data source.


A Domain is an organizational element within AuGR interface where Connection, Golden Record, and Transactional Workflow setup is done. Multiple Domains may be created per tenant (instance of the AuGR platform), and each Domain may house zero to many Golden Records and/or Transactional Workflows.

Golden Record

A Golden Record is a single source of truth brought about by cleansing, matching, and merging data from disparate sources. Golden Records can then send data to different data sources or back into the originating sources.

Transactional Workflows

A Transactional Workflow is a data transfer mechanism well-suited for frequently changing and/or large, high growth potential data sets. Transactional Workflows are built to move large amounts of data from one system to another in a fast, efficient manner, allowing users to transfer large source datasets to a datastore of their choice. Transactional Workflows bypass the mapping, matching, and merging configuration steps present with Golden Records.